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Telford Pottery Studio Class Vouchers

If you want to gift someone a pottery class voucher below are the links you need. If you are just paying for workshop time use the first Pottery Class Vouchers link below:

All classes are £50 an hour per person, or £40 per person with groups of 3-8. This includes all materials and two firings. One firing is for turning the pottery to ceramic, and the second is a clear glaze firing. Further classes can be booked if wanting to come back and colour your items.  Anything made will be fired at no extra cost and you can collect items and do as you wish. You can paint with acrylics if you wish, however this isn’t recommended for mugs bowls or vases, these need a proper glaze firing.

Colouring and Glazing

It is much easier to colour pottery once it has been fired once. If you wish to come back and colour I will charge a small fee for this. This all depends on what you have made.

There is no pressure and you can make whatever you want.  Perhaps you want to make a bowl, vase or a mug. Perhaps you want to try your hand at throwing a pot on the wheel or sculpting, whatever you want to make I can direct you and advice you on techniques I have learnt over the years. 

Couple Pottery Experience

When you think about pottery or ceramics do you imagine characters Sam & Molly throwing that pot from that scene on the potter’s wheel?

Martin and Steph

My pottery vouchers make an excellent couple pottery experience gift. One of the reasons I opened up my studio was to allow people to have a try on the potters wheel. If you or your partner has always wanted to throw a pot on the potters wheel. The whole time can be used on the potters wheel. Above are Martin and Steph who wanted to recreate the ‘Ghost pose’.

Pottery Master class for couples

Flower Making Class Vouchers

Book a flower making class voucher below.  This voucher entitles the receiver to 4 hours tuition over two visits.  The first 2 hours will be teaching flower making.  The follow up 2 hours will be for colouring and glazing flowers. There will be a few weeks break between the making and colouring as I have to fire the flowers. There is a third stage which is stemming the flowers (if flowers were made for stems). I can do this part for you or you are welcome to come back to do this yourself also.

4 hours in total –  £180

Arthur and Sophie
Liz and Pipper

Pottery Class Students

Sculpture Gift Vouchers

If you want to gift someone a unique piece of artwork but cannot choose what, then a gift voucher is an option. Carolyn can create a bespoke sculpture with this voucher.  Contact me to spend this voucher.